Castlehamilton Trout Fishing Outing with Charles and summary of days activities by Fishing Guide Bernard- May 2014

Our day started at 9:30.  I met Charles and his wife Beatrice at their apartment at Castle Hamilton in Killeshandra.  A quick meet and greet and we were off. Charles wanted me to show him the best fly fishing spots for the first half of the day and I was more than happy to oblige.  We started off at river near Cavan Town, renowned for its multi fishing opportunities offering pike and coarse in the deep slow waters and trout angling in the faster waters upstream.  We then head of to Ballyhaise for a gander at what’s on offer. The Ballyhaise area has a strong population of trout varying from 6” to specimen size 15”+.  A brief history lesson was provided on the old manor house, which is now a college.  By 13:00 we had a lovely lunch at the well known Stray Sod restaurant just past the Laragh river.  Once again we jumped into Charles’s trusty rental and headed off to the Cootehill area before returning to Bunoe where we bought an annual subscription (only €20) to fish the Bunoe beat.

After donning our waders and assembling our weapons of choice, we descended the stone stile built into the 300 year old bridge and moved to the tail water and fished upstream dry flies.  As we moved into the river we noticed some movement in the gravel.  Closer inspection revealed brook lamprey building a nest.  A rare spectacle and testimony to the health of the river.  Every overturned rock reveal nymphs of various type as well as cased caddis.  Yellow mays and BWOs were on the rise and it didn’t take long before Charles was into his first fish.  Charles managed 2 trout before they became spookish and we moved on.  Unfortunately the river upstream of us was just fished by another angler and the fish were suspicious of every offering made, scrutinising each faux fly with Scotland yard precision.  Time and time again, trout would rise to the fly only to turn at the last. Charles gave me the rod and I managed to bring the final fish to the net.  We ended the day at 5:30 and headed back home.

Charles with some nice Trout catches during visit to Castlehamilton Fishing Centre

Charles with some nice Trout catches during visit to Castlehamilton Fishing Centre

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Charles enjoying his day trout fishing at Castlehamilton Fishign Centre, Killeshandra, Co Cavan Ireland

Charles enjoying his day trout fishing at Castlehamilton Fishing Centre, Killeshandra, Co Cavan Ireland


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