Trout Fishing in Castlehamilton, Review by our guide Bernard

consider myself a minimalist angler and often you will find me on the river with my trusty 4 piece, 7ft, 3 weight travel rod, a spool of 7x tippet and 5 flies haphazardly stuck on my Velcro sleeve adjuster consisting of a bead head hare’s ear, pheasant tail, orange soft hackle, BWO and a grey duster.  This allows me to fish wet downstream, an up-steam nymph, a duo/New Zealand or dry. Fishing the nymphs as a duo with the weighted GRHE on point and pheasant tail on a dropper is deadly but a lot of focus is needed to spot the takes as they are telegraphed up the fly line.  If you have trouble detecting the takes, which can be extremely subtle, introduce a dry fly as indicator.  I prefer my dry fly indicator on a very short dropper.  This gives me good indication and less dropped takes due to line rub.  If you still struggle seeing the takes, try using some floating putty in your preferred colour.  It’s easy to put on, take off, reusable, mouldable and you can adjust the size of the indicator as you need it reducing waste.  When dry fly fishing, I prefer fishing with 2 flies 20 inches apart.  This offers choice and cuts down the fiddling, trying to find the right fly by half.  It also has the added benefit that the ‘play’ between the 2 flies often induce takes.  It helps to have a soft rod as the takes can be explosive and often one can see trout turn around and chase the flies downstream before taking.  The Annalee River is bountiful and regarded as one of the best wild trout rivers in Ireland.  She also offers pike and coarse fishing as well.  Open season for trout starts 1st March and ends 30th September.



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